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Pressure Pipe

Cast Iron, Centrifugally Spun, Socket and spigot pressure pipes are mainly used for drinking water, Gas and Ash Slurry conveying. We manufacture these pipes as per 1536:2001

These pipes have many advantages over the cheaper substitutes available. Some of the advantages are:

Pressure Pipes Special Aspects

  • Ability to withstand high pressure
  • Inherent toughness
  • Non-Absorbant
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Higher Tensile Strength
  • Firm and easy jointing
  • Easy Machineability
  • Easy handling and laying
  • low maintenance cost

Pressure Pipes Application:-

  • Water Distribution and Sewage Disposal Systems
  • Effluent treatment and Disposal Systems
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Ash Disposal Systems
  • Chemical Plants

Pressure Pipe Mechanical Properties:-

Ring test 80 to 300 DN Modulus of rupture 390 (Min:) MPa
Tensile test 350 to 600 DN Tensile strength 200 (Min:) MPa
Brinell Hardness test Max. 230 BHN

Pressure Pipe Hydrostatic test Pressures(at works MPa):-

Class DN Upto 600 N/mm2
LA 3.5
A 3.5
B 3.5

Pressure Pipe Technical Details

  • Material of construction: FG150 Grade Cast Iron
  • Modules of Rupture: 390 MPa
  • Hardness: Max 230 BHN
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure 35Kg/cm2 (at works)
  • Dimensions and other specification as per IS 1536:2001

Chart of Weights and Dimensions as specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards:-

Class - LA
Class - A
Class - B