Our Extraordinary
Product Range

Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog (P) Ltd. is into manufacturing of excellent quality KDUPL branded centrifugal spun iron socket & spigot pressure pipes for drinking water and gas, "Kapilansh centrifugal" branded cast iron soil pipes and fittings for superior drainage systems and Kapitrode® branded earthing electrodes. Our products are accepted in domestic & international markets with all different varieties.

Cast Iron Socket and Spigot Pressure Pipes (C.I. S & S Pipes) (IS:1536) “KDUPL” Brand

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the eminent manufacturer of Cast Iron Fittings, which are capable to survive the high pressure with longer durability and better performance.

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“Kapilansh Centrifugal” Cast Iron Soil Pipes and Fittings (IS:3989)

We manufacture Kapilansh centrifugal branded cast iron soil pipes fittings for discharge of soil & waste, rain water and ventilation. The superior quality assurance by Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

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Cast Iron Earthing Pipes (Kapitrode® )

As the talk goes around in the electrode industry, “Rusted earthing is like a fractured bone. You will realize the defect only when you feel immense pain like i.e. electrical shock or leakage”.

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Ductile Iron Manhole Covers, Frames and Gratings

We have a huge experience in manufacturing of ductile iron manhole covers, frames and gratings. These are manufactured as per BS EN-124 standard and are safe because of high strength and low weight.

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Kapitrode® - Back Fill Compound

Our advanced range of electrodes come with a Kapitrode™ compounds suitable for unique requirement of our customers these are considered to be the ideal back fill material filled for an earthing system.

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Alloy Cast Iron Pipes (Also known as Abrasion Resistant Pipes)

We manufacture Alloy Cast Iron Pipes (Also Known as Abrasion Resistant Pipe) by centrifugally casting process which provides uniform wall thickness and mass density.

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Hubless Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings

We Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog (P) Ltd.with our expertise in manufacturing Cast Iron Pipes, utilizes De Lavaud Process for manufacturing Hubless Cast Iron Pipes.

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