Alloy Cast Iron Pipes

Alloy Cast Iron Pipes (Also known as Abrasion Resistant Pipes)
We manufacture “Alloy Cast Iron Pipes” (Also Known as Abrasion Resistant Pipe) by centrifugally casting process which provides uniform wall thickness and mass density. These pipes are specifically formulated to maximize hardness and resistance to wear, minimizing abrasive failures and are the best carrier for conveying of slurry, fly ash, bottom ash and economizer ash

• Material: Centrifugally Cast, low Chrome iron alloyr
• Hardness: 280-320 BHN (Alloy -1), 400-550 BHN (Alloy – 2)
• Internal Diameter: 100mm to 300mm
• Wall Thickness: 10.5mm to 16mm (depending on size)
•Pipe Ends: Plain / Flange Joints
•Length: Standard length is 5.4 mtr. Custom lengths are also available to suit customer needs

• Alloy Cast Iron for superior abrasion resistance
• Centrifugally Cast process eliminates blow holes, slag and sand inclusions resulting high quality, abrasion resistant product
• Centrifugal casting process produces an interior surface that progressively resists wear over time
• On-site rotation of pipe changes wear location and extends service life
• Resistance to oxidation (upto 1200°F) is ideal for high temperature applications such as economizer ash conveying
• High temperature and impact resistant material which is ideal for ash handling system
• Plain Ends provides easy installation and replacement with sleeve couplings

Alloy Cast Iron Pipes Testing at Works
Chemical Composition Test – Conducted at works by Wet Analysis Process. Mechanical Test – Mechanical tests shall be carried out, during manufacture. Tests for every four hours of production shall be conducted. The results obtained shall be taken to represent all the pipes of all sizes made during that period.