Cast Iron Earthing Pipes (Kapitrode® )

Over the years, mankind has made some truly remarkable discoveries, and one extremely important lesson has been the importance of grounding electrical currents. Electricity has provided countless benefits to people, but it still remains one of the most deadly elements in human society, and unless you are grounding your electrical systems you are taking a rather large risk.

The following is a look at some of the main reasons why grounding electrical currents is so important.

1. Protection of Electrical System from Overload Current.
2. Provide least resistance path to Leakage / Stray / Overload Current between the    System and Earth.
3. Protect human life from getting electrocuted.
4. Give least resistance path to the Lightening to pass to ground.
5. With the support of Soil (Earth) if not suitable then it is made suitable by    reconditioning with Back
Fill Compound and Cover with Earth Pit Cover. To prevent contamination at earth pit top.

We are a leading manufacturer of Treated Earthing System made by Centrifugal Casting Process including attachments like single flange, hot dip galvanized clamp, Cast Iron Funnel with casted mesh, alternate hole & taper cut along with accessories like “KapitrodeTM” “Back Fill Compound and Earth Pit Covers” in various sizes as per drawing specification for grounding Electrical Systems.

Our capability has been assessed by the various contractors, corporate and Electricity boards. We are regularly supplying to Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution companies i.e MSETCL, GETCO, KPTCL, MPPTCL, UGVCL, MSPGCL etc, Industries i.e. Chemical, Cement, Mining, Petroleum – Refineries & Outlets, Pharma, Steel, Sugar, Textile etc, Solar Energy, Winds Energy & Bio Energy Plants, Projects i.e. Civic Structure, Commercial & Residential from last Two decades.

Advantages / Benefits of using Cast Iron Earthing System - “Kapitrode®

• High surface area of contact
• Durable and Reliable
• Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Connectivity & Conductivity
• Uniform Current Dissipation
• Easy Installation
• Environmental Friendly
• Cost Effective

In view of the above we would like to request your goodself to kindly consider “Kapitrode® ” - Cast Iron Earthing System for grounding electrical currents in your esteemed Organization. If you require any other clarification kindly feel free to write to us.