Kapilansh Centrifugal”
Cast Iron Soil Pipes and Fittings (IS:3989)

“Kapilansh Centrifugal” Soil Pipes & Fittings (IS 3989) “Kapilansh” the name that has become synonymous with Centrifugally Cast Pressure Pipes in India, offers Centrifugally Cast (Spun) Iron Spigot and Socket Soil, Waste, Ventilating and Rain Water Pipes, fittings & Accessories confirming to IS: 3989:2009 for all your Drainage System needs i.e.
• Soil & Waste Discharge System
• Rain Water System
• Ventilation System
“Kapilansh” with their expertise in manufacturing Cast Iron Pressure Pipes, utilized “De Lavaud Process” for manufacturing “Kapilansh Centrifugal” Pipes. The superior Quality Assurance and control measures ensure you get only the best piping for the drainage system.


Advantages of “Kapilansh Centrifugal” drainage system
• Assured quality as per specification.
• Superior corrosion resistance to soil, waste water & chemicals.
• Also superior Atmospheric weathering & corrosion resistance.
• Low thermal expansion.
• High compressive strength & beam load bearing capacity.
• Smooth inner surfaces giving better flow characteristics.
• Environment friendly as fully recyclable.
• Better Aesthetic look.
• Engineered for Skyscrapers.

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"Kapilansh Centrifugal" drainage System - Economical & faster in fitment
• "Kapilansh Centrifugal" pipes are available in various lengths up to 3 meters, reducing number of joints.
• Being centrifugally cast, these pipes are light & hence easy to erect.
• Superior normalizing process, reduces brittleness of pipes & hence less prone to breakage & cracking.
• No leakage problem. The centrifugal process imparts very dense and homogeneous grain structure reducing porosity – the cause of leakages.
• Cast iron is, of course, non-flammable so does not need any additional fire protection unlike other drainage systems.
• Extra cost required to safeguard the system from ground disturbance or extra load for other material. “Kapilansh Centrifugal” do not require such protection.
• High noise dampening properties make “Kapilansh Centrifugal” as low noise plumbing system.
• Cast Iron below ground is more resistant to ground movement, and is less likely to fail in unfavorable condition because of its higher strength.

Range: "Kapilansh Centrifugal" pipes & fittings are available in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm dia.

* Special fittings as per customer requirement can be supplied.