Kapitrode® - Back Fill Compound

Our advanced range of electrodes come with a Kapitrode® compounds suitable for unique requirement of our customers these are considered to be the ideal back fill material filled for an earthing system. On adding water, this compound is easily compacted and has the capability of absorbing moisture up to fourteen times its dry volume. It improves conductivity and having quality of long time capacity of retention or absorption of moisture, high conductivity and non corrosive. ASK FOR PRICE Completely fulfilling the purpose of back-filling in electrodes, Kapitrode® earthing chemical compound reduces the soil resistance and further creates a low resistance zone around the electrode. Previously, salt & charcoal were used as filling material in conventional earthing but it use to corrode the earthing after sometime but with the latest developments in earthing, we have introduced a specially developed, natural and Eco friendly material with improved properties. Kapitrode® earthing chemical compound has the capacity to absorb & retain moisture around the electrode thus protects the entire earthing system.

• Does not dissolve in to soil or water
• Do not washes away with time
• Installed dry or can be mixed with water for the formation of slurry for
vertical or horizontal applications

Kapitrode® earthing chemical compound has following advantages over conventional backfilling compounds:
• Maintenance free with no requirement of hydration or salt replacement
• Environmentally Neutral or we can say PH Neutral. It poses no negative impact on environment
• No salts present in it and it will not contaminate the soil
• Able to maintain low grounding resistance with minimum fluctuation for long period of time
• Compressive Strength and Low Shrinkage
• Low & Stable resistivity
• Water Absorption
• Economically viable

Widely used in earthing systems for backfilling in between electrodes

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